There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Issue 3: Selfing through Tech 

Issue 3 will explore the idea that “the internet has become a significant social laboratory for experimenting with the reconstructions of self – an experiment that can help or hinder our selfhood.” 

What is the self? Where is the self? The disconnect between mind and body has reached unparalleled proportions. In the global village, the tech family is the norm, grandma visits via the tiny screen. WiFi reaches out like vines in the thickest part of the jungle. On a remote rock in the middle of the ocean, the island’s guardian uploads the current sunset for all to see. Is the world our personality’s oyster, or is there no home-cooking left to eat?

What we want: glitches, avatars, connections, rhizoids, fractals, dating apps, pen friends, the post-human, the re-human, obsession, longing, URLs reaching out, HTML tattoos, algorithmic soup, states of surveillance, Ying Gao’s robotized dresses, passionate firewalls, digital nomads, video conferences, honest resumes, fragmented selves, VR massage chairs, digital neighbors, medleys of style and ways to be.

Kanstellation Mission

Kanstellation is committed to publishing the work of both emerging and experienced writers and artists. We are particularly interested in writing and art beyond traditional genre boundaries. We also encourage work by writers and artists from all walks of life. Kanstellation does not consider pieces that feature graphic sexual and/or violent content, that are plagiarized, or that are discriminatory in nature. Please include a content warning if this applies to any of your pieces. 

If Kanstellation has previously published your work, please wait until two issues have gone live before submitting to us again (i.e.: if we published you in issue two, wait until issue four has passed to submit). We are not accepting manuscript submissions at this time. 

We look forward to reading your work! In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter @kanstellation and Instagram @kanstellationmag for news, updates, calls for submission, and anything in between, and help spread the word about us to your family and friends. Thank you so much for your support! 

Submission guidelines


For this issue, we are accepting the following forms of poetry: experimental/hybrid, traditional, prose poetry, found poetry, and poetry written in a non-English language, with the requirement that an English translation accompanies the original. We aren’t considering long-form, haiku, micro poetry, or erasure poetry for this submission call. Send up to 4 poems in one Word document (.doc/docx).

Flash fiction and flash nonfiction

Min: 500 words. Max: 1,200 words. Send up to 2 flash pieces in one Word document (.doc/docx).

Short fiction, short nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and essays

Min: 1,000 words. Max: 2,500 words. Send up to 2 essays in one Word document (.doc/docx).


By submitting to Kanstellation Magazine, you are agreeing to grant us First Electronic Rights and Non-Exclusive Archival Rights if your work is accepted. All other rights remain with the author. After that, republishing with attribution is welcome. All submissions must be previously unpublished works (this includes publications on your own website or blog). Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.


There is no reader fee for submissions. In addition, we are offering $60 for each poem, $80 for each flash piece (fiction or nonfiction), and $100 for each essay accepted for publication, paid via PayPal upon acceptance.